Le Specialita’ della Casa (The House Specialties)

Caneloni spinach-1 copyLasagne All Emiliana

  • A specialty of Little Italy…layered pasta sheets with minced beef, tomato sauce and creamy bechamel sauce.

Lasagne Di Pollo

  • Layered pasta sheets with chicken morsels in tomato, herbs and bechamel sauce.

Crespelle al Forno 4 copy

Crespelle al Forno

  • A mouth watering dish, similar to our lasagna, oven baked crespelle are both delicous and have a much lighter feel to it.
  • Available in two type of fillings: spinach, mushroom and ham or ham and cheese


Risotto ai Frutti di MareRisotto ai Frutti di Mare 6 copy

  • For the seafood lovers…a must have dish comprising of a tomato based rice and seafood dish.
  • Also available is Risotto al Nero di Seppia, our Risotto ai Frutti di mare got an Italian seaside touch with addition of a fresh squid Ink concoction.

Zuppa di Mare Con Spaghetti 3 copy

Zuppa di Mare

  • A must try dish, fresh seafood soup with squids, prawns, mussels, clams and scallops cooked in rich tomato sauce served with garlic bread, fantastic with a touch of Tabasco sauce.

Pasta al Forno

  • 4 cheeses of pasticcio mix
  • Penne Pasta baked in the oven with four cheese sauce of veggies and tomato mix…


Light and Tasty Meal (sandwich)

Puccia Prosciutto & Formaggio 1 copy


Puccia di Pollo

  • Freshly baked sandwich with sauteed mushrooms, marinated chicken, artichokes, lettuce and emmenthal cheese.

Puccia al Salmone

  • Freshly baked sandwich with smoked salmon, onions, capers and 1000 islands sauce.

Puccia ai Peperoni e Accinghe

  • A musty try addition to the Menu, freshly baked sandwich with grilled peppers, anchovies fillets and garlic mayonnaise…delicious simplicity!

Puccia Prosciutto e Formaggio

  • Freshly baked sandwich with lettuce, tomato, turkey ham and emmenthal cheese.