About the Little Italy Restaurant in KK

The Little Italy Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

The Little Italy Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

Our commitment to quality food and services had won us this coveted award from the Sabah Tourism Board.

Our commitment to quality food and services had won us this coveted award from the Sabah Tourism Board.

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At Little Italy,  we live by a simple but very effective motto: “Never let our customers leave the restaurant unhappy.” And so far, it seem to have worked magic for us and our customers. We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient staffs, and on the use of only the best and freshest of ingredients from our kitchen so that when you leave our premise, you leave happier and with a very satisfied appetite.


The history behind Little Italy


We began operating in the year 2000 in Damai, Luyang, but shifted to our present premise on the ground floor in and beside Capital Hotel down town Kota Kinabalu (also lovingly known as KK by the locals or Api-Api by the more senior folks in Sabah) central business district. Since then, we’re glad to say that we have grown from strength to strength and we believe it is  because of our unwavering commitment to the quality of our food and on our stellar services.


Little Italy is owned and managed on a very personal basis by the Italian family, the Ceresa’s, who hailed from Torino, Northwest Italy. Like most Italian families, this particular one loves cooking and admits that the delicious cuisines have been served on the Ceresa’s family dinner table for generations. In other words, every dish on the Little Italy menu have been tried and tested for generations, and are authentically Italian in every way.

The restaurant during lunch breaks...

A busy  day…The restaurant during one of the many lunch breaks…

Our commitment to quality food and quality service


We take matters related to quality very seriously. For a start, our staffs are friendly, and it is very difficult to see them without a smile on their faces  even on a very busy day. We won’t mind saying this is part and parcel of the Little Italy’s ‘service with a smile’, but the truth is that is the way Sabahan folks are — always smiling, hospitable and very professional in customer related services. We’re very lucky indeed to have based here, in the Land Below the Wind!


Yummy meals at our restaurant...just one of many

Yummy meals at our restaurant…just one of many served at our restaurant

And when it comes to food, we only serve the freshest and the best from our kitchen. We take great pains to ensure only the freshest of ingredients are used in the preparation of each meals, every day. And if you’ve tasted our sauces and pastas, I am sure you’ll agree that there is that distinctive ‘Little Italy’ taste to it that is absent from other Italian restaurants you might have been to. The reason for that is simple — they are made in our own kitchen, by who else, but the owner themselves and with the help of local kitchen helpers, most of whom have been with us since we began our operation here. And the ingredients — well, that’s a family secret. Again, we have to emphasise that our pastas and sauces are made fresh on a daily basis. That’s why they are so yummy!


For that authentic Italian taste, we realise that we have to use herbs and veggies that are part and parcel of Italian food preparation, hence much of our ingredients (which we cannot find locally) have to be imported. About 80 percent, actually. And because of that, the prices of each meal might seem pricier than other eateries in KK, but we’re sure you would agree with us that it is worth every bite when you dine with us at our restaurant.


That said, hope to see you soon, and ‘Buon Appetito!’